York Marina Berthing and Hard Standing Rates – Prices are valid from 01.04.2024 – 31.03.2025 All prices include VAT at the current rate unless otherwise stated

Contract Moorings

Annual Mooring Contract (1st of April – 31st of March)

£355/m Length Overall Measured LOAM (12 months)


Annual Benefits Include:

10% early payment discount (Fee must be paid in full by 31st of December the year prior to contract starting)

Hard standing storage included in the annual mooring fee

5% discount on Petrol and Diesel from our fuel pontoon

10% off at The Waterfront Cafe Bar

15% off Hoist Lifting Fees

Summer Mooring Contract (1st of April – 31st of October)

£288/m LOAM (7 months)


Winter Mooring Contract (1st of November – 31st March)

£149.50/m LOAM (5 months)

Contract Storage

Winter Hard Standing Storage Chocked Ashore (1st of November- 31st March)

£149.50/m LOAM (5 months)

Summer Hard Standing Storage Chocked Ashore (1st of May- 31st October)

£10/day Max 28 days then

Unauthorised Boat Storage

£30 / Day

Unauthorised Trailer Storage

£5 / Day

Visitor Moorings

Monthly Charge (30 days)

£43.00/m LOAM

Daily Charge Boats 30ft and under (including electric)

£23.50 / Night

Daily Charge Boats Over 30ft (including electric)

£28.50 / Night


Terms and Conditions:

  • All contracts are payable in advance of the contract start date
  • All mooring charges are charged length overall measured (LOAM)
  • The fee is applicable for the full term of the contract and is non-refundable and non-transferable
  • The fee is applicable for the contract period irrespective of whether or not the mooring is used
  • Short Term visitor charges will apply if the berth is occupied after the contract has expired
  • Mooring fees advertised apply to Marina berths and hard standing
  • Minimum mooring charge of 6.095m applies to all berths
  • York Marina reserves the right to alter charges without prior notice
  • Petrol and Gas Oil discount applies to berth holders fuelling their own vessel as detailed on the Licence Agreement These prices are subject to contract, full Terms and Conditions apply & are available on request