Frequently asked questions

Owning and operating your own boat can create a lot of questions. We have tried to answer many of the most common questions below. but if you have any further questions or woud like to know more please dont hesitate to get in touch by either calling 01904 621021 or click here to send us a message.

Where can I go boating from York Marina?

The marina is located on the non tidal section of the river Ouse a short distance from Naburn lock, you can head as far inland as Ripon which can be reached in around 6 hours, York city centre is approximately 40 minutes away. Alternatively you can head south through Naburn lock which will take you onto the tidal section of the Ouse, from here you can gain access to Selby canal, the Aire and Calder, the river Trent and the Humber estuary. Detailed maps are available from our chandlery.

What are the local speed limits?

The speed limit on the non tidal section of the river Ouse is 6 knots and the tidal section 10 knots. The speed limit is de-restricted after you pass Goole bridge where the canal and river trust jurisdiction ends.

Do I need a driving licence?

You don’t need a driving licence as such but it is recommended if you don’t have any previous experience to at least undertake an RYA training course. Click Here look at our RYA Training Centre.

What other costs do I need to budget for when buying a boat?

There are several main costs you need to consider when buying a boat namely:

  • Mooring fees
  • Insurance
  • River and Canal Licence
  • Boat Safety Certificate (If the vessel doesn’t already have one).
  • Surveyors costs
  • Hoist lifting charges
  • Administration fees (only if the vessel is registered)
  • General maintenance and up keep

Below is an approximate example of these costs based on a 25 foot motor cruiser with a single inboard petrol engine valued at £30k

  • £1997       12 month mooring at York Marina based on our 2018/19 rates
  • £292.00    12 months insurance
  • £227.00    6 months Rivers only licence (You can apply for 6 and save money as it’s not required when you are in the marina basin)
  • £190.00    BSS examination and certificate (required once every 4 years)
  • £350.00    Pre purchase full survey
  • £153.16    Hoist lift for survey
  • £350.00    Engine service
What is a River and Canal Licence and do I need one if I moor at York Marina.

Almost all of Britain’s waterways are run by three main authorities each of which issues it’s own licences. The Canal and River Trust runs almost all the canals, and rivers such as the Severn, Trent and Yorkshire Ouse. The Environment Agency runs the River Thames, the River Medway, and the rivers of East Anglia. The Broads Authority runs the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads.

York Marina is a private marina so you only need a licence when leaving the marina entrance.

Canal and River Trust issue licences for any period from a single day up to a long term 12 month licence. You can choose between a rivers only licence or rivers and canals depending which areas you intend to cruise. Recent price lists are available from the marina reception.

Further information about licensing and where and how to obtain a licence is available on the Canal and River Trust website. Please Click Here

What is a Boat Safety Scheme Certificate (BSC) and why do I need one?

A BSS certificate is essentially an MOT for boats. The BSS scheme only applies to vessels on the inland waterways. When boats are new out of the factory they are supplied with a certificate of conformity (CE). This certificate lasts 4 years before a BSS examination is required. When a BSS is due an examiner is required to examine the boat and issue a new 4 year BSS certificate if the boat complies. If there are areas in which the boat doesn’t comply then remedial work will have to be undertaken before a new certificate can be issued. You need either a certificate of conformity or a BSS certificate to be able to apply for a licence. Further information can be found on the BSS website. Please Click Here

What do I need to be able to apply for a river licence?

To apply for a licence you will need to complete an application form for the relevant licence, you will also need a current BSS certificate or certificate of conformity and at least third party insurance. You can licence your boat online by clicking here

How do I get a mooring at York Marina?

We just need you to fill in an application form which can be obtained from reception or on our Mooring Application page. Please Click Here 

What about trailerable boats?

Trailering a boat can give you the flexability of moving the boat around to explore different areas. This usually limits you to around a 25 foot boat but be aware you will need a reasonable 4×4 to tow a boat this size. Other things to take into consideration is the additional maintanence and storage costs of the trailer when not in use.

For further information regarding trailers and the law please visit www.ntta.co.uk

Where can I find further information about boating?

The following websites are all good resources for further information.

Canal and River Trust

Royal Yachting Association